My writing services and supports will help ensure that your written material is easy to follow, accurate and free of errors.

I can assist you in getting your key messages across to your target audience as effectively as possible.

Please get in touch if I can assist in any of the following areas:
Authors and Self-Publishers

Copywriting, proofreading and formatting.
You retain complete creative control, but your work is presented in a way that reflects best on your creative intent and ability.

Essays, projects, dissertations and application forms.
Ensure that your written material does credit to your work and ability, and gives you that extra edge.

Businesses and Organisations
Writing, editing or proofreading content of reports, websites, brochures, blogs, press releases, memos, presentations, grant and funding applications.
Your written material and its presentation will be used to evaluate your business or organisation - ensure that you present yourself in the most effective way possible.

Personal and Other Needs
Letters and emails, speeches, blogs and reports.
Ensure that you get across what you want to say in a clear and impressive way.

Please Contact me for more information on these services.