Tom Daly, PhDI have a broad range  of experience writing in different formats for a wide variety of audiences.

In addition, I have managed a large number of high-level projects that required effective written communication. 

In summary, over a long and varied career I have:

  • Published four successful books on both popular and academic subjects
  • Written high-quality Masters and PhD theses
  • Developed, managed and written much of the content for a range of very successful websites
  • Written a large number of academic articles
  • Scripted numerous presentations and speeches
  • A strong record in writing effective funding proposals and grant applications
  • Lectured in a number of third-level colleges and also worked as a Dissertation Supervisor 
  • Scripted brochures and leaflets, and managed their layout, printing and production
  • Mentored and tutored business-owners, students and project managers on effective written communication
  • Scripted blogs, webcasts and podcasts.

Please contact me if you would like more details on any of the above.