Effective written communication requires skill, knowledge, experience and flair – you may let yourself or your organisation down with inadequate written content.

My services will help ensure that your written work is fit for purpose, is accurate and free of errors, inconsistencies and omissions, and is presented with elegance and coherence. 

I can help you present complex material in a clear, persuasive manner in a way that will reflect well on you.

Please contact me to discuss your particular needs - the following is a sample of services provided: 

Copy-editing: including accuracy, layout, clarity and adherence to conventions on good writing.

Editing and/or re-writing: your text will express key messages more clearly for your audience.
Funding proposals and grant applications: will be optimised for the best chance of success.
Academic work: help and mentoring with  theses, dissertations, essays and projects.
Ghost-writing: blogs or articles for websites, social media, print and promotional material - you provide the ideas and I help you to express yourself well.
Scripting: speeches and presentations.
'Plain English': if your material is too complex and inaccessible, I can help you present your ideas and messages in elegant text or prose, in 'plain English'.
Review and critiqueinformed feedback on your work, and constructive critique and recommendations.
Project management: producing effective written communication can involve many stages between your initial ideas and the final product being presented to the reader: e.g. writing, structure, editing, layout, graphics and images, printing or on-line publication - I can manage the entire project for you.

Please contact if you are interested in working with me on these or related tasks.